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Australia Retain The Ashes Following 4th Test Draw –

The Ashes will remain in Australia following a 2 day washout denying England victory in the 4th test match, a highly unfortunate ending for England in the nail biting series, leaving the score at 2-1 to Australia. The weather has denied England a chance to fight for victory in the series in the 5th test at Oval, it’s tough to take and England are speechless about how the weather has played such a pivotal and decisive role in determining the outcome of cricket’s biggest bi-annual affair.

Cricket player bowling the ball

The Ashes have been decided following the 2 day washout in Manchester. Australia will retain them, and England can only hope to fight for a 2-2 draw going into the 5th test in Manchester.

Following a decimation of the Australian batting lineup on day 1, England went into bat chasing a fairly mediocre total that Australia had scraped together. This clearly spurred them on, as the likes of Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, and Zak Crawley, came to the crease with focus – each scoring massive totals to pile on the runs for England. Crawley in particular impressed as he bludgeoned the ball on his way to a massive 192.

After reaching a total of 592 total at the middle of day 3, England put Australia back into bat chasing more than 250 runs just to be level with England. Plenty of time for the England bowlers to get stuck into the Australian lineup, or so they thought. The remainder of day 3 saw England frustrated after taking just 2 wickets.

And then came the rain that everyone had been dreading. Day 4 only saw around 30 overs of undisrupted play, and that would be all the England bowlers would get. The day saw a huge rain storm over Manchester that wouldn’t stop into day 5 either, a day that didn’t see a single ball. England fans were left speechless as the commanding position they had created to win the 4th test was washed away from them in a torrent of dark clouds and broken pitch covers.

The 5th Test a Crucial Match for England

As the 5th and final test of the Ashes series looms on the horizon, the stakes for England could not be higher. Having been 2-0 down after the first two matches, a draw of 2-2 in the series would signify a monumental comeback and a testament to the team’s fighting spirit. While the trophy might stay in Australian hands due to the previous series’ results, the symbolic victory would hold immense importance for the English squad.

The build-up to the decisive 5th test is fraught with a sense of anticipation and intensity. It is a do-or-die situation for England, where every run scored and every wicket taken will carry the weight of potential redemption. There is a buzz in the England camp as they prepare for this crucial match. Despite the disappointment at Manchester, the Englishmen have shown their mettle by performing under pressure, and they’ll be hoping to carry that form into The Oval.

The players, staff, and fans alike are pinning their hopes on the likes of Ben Stokes and his compatriots to bring their A-game to the crease once again. The bowlers, too, need to step up, aiming to replicate the ruthlessness they showed in the truncated 4th test. This upcoming 5th test is more than just a match—it’s an opportunity for England to showcase their resilience and a chance to end the series on a high note. The team’s fighting spirit and their capacity for an extraordinary turnaround will be put to the ultimate test. The tension is palpable, the expectations are sky-high, and all eyes are now on The Oval.

Australia Proud to Retain the Ashes

Rarely have The Ashes been retained in such a hollow set of conditions, a complete washout lasting more than 48 hours in Manchester completely stopped play, and saved Australia from certain defeat in the 4th test match. But not all in Australia have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of celebrating the Ashes retention. There has in fact been a mixed set of feelings coming from the Australian media.

In all truth, the rivalry between England and Australia has always been one of competitive camaraderie, as there is far more that unifies the two nations in culture and spirit than divides them. In this vein, the Ashes is usually a fiercely fought affair, but one where integrity and sportsmanship take absolute prominence and center stage.

It’s a dismal way for the greatest sporting contest on earth to be decided. But England can take solemn pride in the fact that they have been improving in every match. If they’re able to snatch victory at the Oval, then the series would in effect be a non-result, leaving the door wide open for debate on who in effect should hold the mantle as the greatest test match cricket team on earth.

Day 1 of the 5th Ashes test to begin on July 27th at The Oval. in London.

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Author: James Richardson