A red wax seal on an envelope depicts a logo with two hands and a wreath.

Chile Presents Casinos with Tourism Seal

In Chile, an initiative to recognize quality tourism locations has resulted in the recognition of the Casino Marina del Sol Chillán. The so-called R Seal is granted by the National Secretariat of Tourism, also known as Sernatur. The idea behind the seal is to create an easily recognized mark to both honor and identify locations of merit, which tourists can seek out. These places must have a track record of complying with safety standards and high quality service.

A red wax seal on an envelope depicts a logo with two hands and a wreath.

Eight businesses, including one casino, have received a special tourism seal of approval in Chillán, Chile.
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Recognition for local businesses

Casino Marina del Sol Chillán was one of eight Chillán-based, tourism-related companies that received Sernatur’s R Seal in August 2023. The awarding of these seals took place during a special ceremony attended by various businesspeople and local leaders.

The ceremony was housed by the Municipal Theater in the Marta Brunet Room. There, all eight companies had a chance for recognition of their high-quality offerings within the tourism sector in Chile. They will all be known as recommended destinations for tourists from now on.

Sernatur’s selection process depends on several factors. For one, the company must have an appeal that is specific to tourists, whether they be entertainment venues, hotels, casinos or restaurants, but that alone is not enough. Each establishment must prove that it complies with local and national requirements from safety to quality standards.

Once judged on these criteria, Sernatur can choose to allow said businesses into its national registry. This registry both acts as a promotion tool for those admitted businesses, as well as a way to keep tabs on the quality of service provided by various tourist destinations across Chile.

The registry was created in order to improve tourist’s experiences of Chile overall. This time, the Casino Marina del Sol was recognized alongside: Pullman JR Buses, Wandersleben Brewery, Doña Rita Farm Museum, Emú Campos de Ñuble Farm, Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Hotel, Cabañas del Huerto and La Motoneta 2.

As a part of the awarding of the seal, each company receives an actual badge that depicts the Sernatur logo. Each badge comes with a registration number and unique QR code so that visitors can use it to verify the R seal of approval.

Chillán’s mayor, Camilo Benavente had the honor of awarding the seals to this distinguished group of eight, alongside two other important leaders: Erick Solo de Zaldívar from the Economy, Development and Tourism Secretariat, and Augusto González Jeldres, regional director of Sernatur.

Benavente and González both gave meaningful statements to mark the occasion, confirming that the reason for giving these seals is to recognize the good work of the people behind these services, and to allow them to be more easily recommended to visitors of Chillán.

In addition to the three leaders, it was attended by Brígida Hormazábal, Patricio Huepe and Yanina Contreras, who are all local councilors. Director of Tourism, Rosy Molina San Martín, was also in attendance.

About Chillán and Marina del Sol

Chillán is the capital of Chile’s Ñuble Region, located south of Santiago in the central part of the country. First established in 1580, the city has experienced many different phases over time. It is now popular for visitors, in particular thanks to nearby skiing and hot springs. It is also a contributor to Chile’s agricultural livelihood and has a local population of under 200,000.

Casino Marina del Sol Chillán has high ratings from visitors and remains a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It offers a range of casino games, as well as venues for other entertainment shows and dining. It is one of four MDS casinos, the other three being located in Calama, Talcahuano and Osorno.

Chile’s casinos have reported better profits in comparison to the lows of the Covid-19 pandemic, though recent reports for May 2023 showed a slight drop off. MDS casinos were part of the main earnings figures reported by the SCJ in July 2023. MDS were also unfortunately implicated in a collusion case involving both Dreams and Enjoy, Chile’s other top casino providers.

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