A person sitting at their laptop while holding a credit card in one hand, inputting information from the card onto a website or application on the laptop.

FanDuel Picks New Safer Gambling Lead

FanDuel, a prominent US operator under Flutter Entertainment, has appointed Alison Kutler as its Vice-President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming. In this capacity, Kutler will play a crucial role in advancing the operator’s responsible gaming and sustainability strategy. Her responsibilities will encompass various areas, including responsible gaming policy, regulatory affairs, training, product development, and operations.

A person sitting at their laptop while holding a credit card in one hand, inputting information from the card onto a website or application on the laptop.

FanDuel, a prominent US operator falling under the Flutter Entertainment umbrella, has announced that it has appointed Alison Kutler as its Vice-President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming.

Kutler Will Also Take Charge of Sustainability Efforts at FanDuel Group

FanDuel, a leading US operator under the Flutter Entertainment umbrella, has recently appointed Alison Kutler as its Vice President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming. In her new role, Kutler will play a pivotal part in advancing the operator’s responsible gaming and sustainability strategy.

As Vice President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming, Kutler’s purview will encompass diverse areas, including responsible gaming policy, regulatory affairs, training, product development, and operations. She will also lead the responsible gaming advocacy teams, overseeing the sportsbook, casino, racing, daily fantasy, and retail functions.

In addition to her responsibilities in responsible gaming, Kutler will also focus on sustainability efforts, aligning with Flutter’s Positive Impact Plan launched in February of the previous year. The plan is designed to extend support to customers, staff, and the public, with a keen focus on safer gambling, diversity and inclusion, community initiatives, and environmental impact.

FanDuel has consistently demonstrated its commitment to responsible gambling, embarking on a notable responsible gambling advertising campaign in March, followed by a series of initiatives unveiled in September to coincide with the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gaming Education Month. With Alison Kutler now onboard, the operator is poised to strengthen its efforts in responsible gaming and sustainability, solidifying its position as a socially responsible industry leader.

Kutler’s New Role is Crucial During Pivotal Time for Gambling Industry

Christian Genetski, the president of FanDuel, expressed the significance of Alison Kutler’s role, deeming it “critical” during a crucial phase for the company and the industry. Genetski conveyed his appreciation for having someone of Alison’s caliber join their team, acknowledging her distinguished career with 25 years of experience:

“We are very fortunate to have a professional of Alison’s caliber join our team. Alison has had a distinguished career, including 25 years’ experience in high-level government and private sector roles leading business, regulatory, policy and public affairs strategies.”– Christian Genetski, President, FanDuel Group,Press Release

As mentioned, Kutler brings a wealth of experience from various sectors. Notably, she served as the Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs for Dapper Labs, a prominent NFT and blockchain developer. Her expertise extends to her prior role as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for the Americas at Visa, and her time as a Principal at PwC.

Beyond her corporate accomplishments, Kutler boasts an impressive background in the highest levels of the US government. She held esteemed positions such as head of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, special advisor to the Federal Communications Commission chairman, and director of the Department of Commerce Trade Advocacy Center.

With her extensive experience in the private sector and her contributions to governmental affairs, Kutler is well-equipped to drive FanDuel’s responsible gaming and sustainability initiatives forward, further solidifying the operator’s commitment to responsible gambling practices and environmental impact considerations. Her appointment underscores FanDuel’s dedication to fostering a safe and sustainable gambling environment for its customers while reinforcing the company’s standing as a socially responsible industry leader.

FanDuel Became Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Partner in July 2023

FanDuel Group, a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, took a significant step forward in the Canadian sports betting landscape in July 2023 through its groundbreaking partnership with the Canadian Football League (CFL). As the CFL’s inaugural authorized gaming operator and official sportsbook partner, FanDuel solidifies its position as a key player in the burgeoning Canadian market, offering sports betting enthusiasts an array of thrilling betting options.

With this collaboration, FanDuel will bring its renowned sports betting services to Ontario, leveraging its existing license secured before the province’s official launch of its legal sports betting market in April 2022. This strategic move grants Ontario-based consumers access to an extensive range of CFL betting opportunities via the FanDuel platform.

Fans can expect an enticing array of betting markets, including captivating in-game player props such as anytime touchdown scorers, alongside an extensive selection of futures bets. The partnership aims to elevate the overall fan experience, allowing enthusiasts to interact with CFL games in a unique and engaging manner, adding an extra layer of excitement to the on-field action. For both FanDuel and the CFL, this collaboration opens up new horizons, creating a winning combination in the realm of sports betting entertainment in Canada.

Tyler Mazereeuw, the Chief Commercial Officer of the CFL, strongly believes responsible sports wagering allows for another way for the league to deepen its connection with its fanbase:

“Responsible sports wagering is another way for our league to further its connection with our fans. In addition to taking in our fun, fast and entertaining brand of football, some fans may wish to engage with the game on a more personal level. We’re excited to work with FanDuel to deliver an exciting and innovative betting experience. While opening this new avenue of fandom is important to our league, wagering should only be done responsibly by adult fans who are 19 years of age and over with the means to do so.”– Tyler Mazereeuw, Chief Commercial Officer (COO), Canadian Football League (CFL),Press Release

FanDuel and Spotify Joined Forces in May 2023

In an exciting convergence of industries, FanDuel Group unveiled a multi-year content production partnership with the globally recognized streaming audio giant, Spotify, in May 2023. Under this new agreement, which builds upon their existing collaboration, FanDuel will team up with Spotify’s renowned “The Ringer” website, podcast network, and video production house to develop tailored content for FanDuel TV and its audience.

As part of this collaboration, The Ringer will license select video podcasts to FanDuel TV, including adaptations of existing shows and an array of fresh, original content focused on sports and competitions like the National Basketball Association (NBA). The diverse programming will cater to sports enthusiasts, featuring dedicated content on sports betting and wagering across various sports events.

By joining forces with Spotify’s influential platform, FanDuel aims to enhance its viewers’ experience, delivering engaging content that intertwines the worlds of sports, gaming, and entertainment. This partnership stands as a testament to the increasing synergy between media giants and gaming entities, providing audiences with a captivating fusion of sports, betting insights, and compelling content.

FanDuel chief commercial officer Mike Raffensperger sees the partnership as a new path forward for increasing the reach of FanDuel’s products:

“We are extremely excited for this partnership and further strengthening our relationship with The Ringer. They are home to one of the strongest podcast networks in the world and FanDuel TV can help define a new medium for distributing its content. FanDuel TV is the perfect platform to showcase The Ringer’s top personalities, broaden their audiences and become flagship programming for the network.”

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