An aerial overhead top-down view of an outdoor golf course, featuring the green around the hole and two sand pits flanking each side of the terrain.

FanDuel Unveils Golf Event Center

FanDuel Group, a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, has broadened its golf betting offerings through the incorporation of IMG Arena’s Golf Event Centre. This integration introduces an array of fresh betting markets such as closest-to-the-pin, longest drive, and stroke-by-stroke wagers. The Golf Event Centre also facilitates real-time tracking of shots, access to hole profiles, and course maps, enhancing the user experience.

An aerial overhead top-down view of an outdoor golf course, featuring the green around the hole and two sand pits flanking each side of the terrain.

The world-renowned betting force FanDuel Group, a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, has announced that it is expanding its golf betting offerings through the incorporation of IMG Arena’s Golf Event Centre.
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FanDuel’s Golf Event Centre Product Will Already Be Available on August 10th, 2023

FanDuel Group, which falls under the umbrella of Flutter Entertainment, has broadened its golf betting portfolio by integrating IMG Arena’s Golf Event Centre into its offerings. This strategic move by FanDuel introduces an array of fresh betting markets to its user base, including prop bets such as closest-to-the-pin and longest drive, as well as intricate stroke-by-stroke wagers.

The Golf Event Centre’s integration doesn’t stop at expanding bet options. This addition empowers users with real-time tracking of every shot, granting them access to hole profiles and course maps. Furthermore, FanDuel customers can engage with a customizable live leaderboard, enhancing the interactive and immersive nature of the golf betting experience.

Sports enthusiasts and betting enthusiasts alike can anticipate the forthcoming rollout of the golf betting tool, scheduled to coincide with the FedEx St. Jude Championship commencing on August 10. This move not only underscores FanDuel’s commitment to diversifying its offerings but also exemplifies the continuous efforts within the gambling industry to innovate and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

New Golf Event Centre is a Massive Boost for Golf Fans

Celebrating the occasion was Christian Genetski, the president of FanDuel, who explained that the integration of the Golf Event Centre into their sportsbook platform would provide fans with an extensive array of live markets. This integration would create fresh opportunities for fans to actively engage with the sport on every hole, enhancing their overall experience through innovative betting options:

“By integrating Golf Event Centre into our sportsbook platform, we can offer fans access to a robust catalog of live markets that will give them new ways to engage with the sport on every hole.”– Christian Genetski, President, FanDuel Group,Press Release

Meanwhile, Scott Warfield, the vice president of gaming at PGA Tour, commented that the integration of the Golf Event Centre into the FanDuel Sportsbook would greatly benefit golf enthusiasts. He anticipated that this integration would provide golf fans with a comprehensive selection of betting choices:

“Integrating the Golf Event Centre into FanDuel Sportsbook will be a massive win for golf fans. They will have a robust offering of betting options to choose from as they tune in to see their favorite players and tournaments. The Golf Event Centre promises to be an exciting addition to the FanDuel platform, and we appreciate the contributions they have made to help us grow engagement in the game of golf.”– Scott Warfield, Vice President of Gaming, PGA Tour,Press Release

FanDuel Announced New Safer Gambling Lead in August 2023

In other FanDuel-related news, the operator recently welcomed Alison Kutler to its ranks in August 2023 as the new Vice President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming. In her newly assumed role, Kutler will take on a critical position in driving the operator’s strategic efforts in responsible gaming and sustainability.

Kutler’s comprehensive role as Vice President of Sustainability and Responsible Gaming will encompass a spectrum of responsibilities, spanning from the formulation of responsible gaming policies and regulatory affairs to training, product development, and operational strategies. Her oversight will extend to the responsible gaming advocacy teams, encompassing facets such as sportsbook, casino, racing, daily fantasy, and retail operations.

Beyond her focal responsibilities in responsible gaming, Kutler will contribute significantly to FanDuel’s sustainability initiatives, closely aligned with Flutter’s comprehensive Positive Impact Plan introduced in the previous year. This multifaceted plan underscores Flutter’s dedication to enhancing customer welfare, nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment, bolstering community engagements, and proactively addressing environmental concerns.

Alison’s addition to the team was welcomed by Christian Genetski, the President of FanDuel Group, who expressed his gratitude in having a professional of Alison’s stature on board, highlighting her impressive career, which spans 25 years:

“We are very fortunate to have a professional of Alison’s caliber join our team. Alison has had a distinguished career, including 25 years’ experience in high-level government and private sector roles leading business, regulatory, policy and public affairs strategies.”

FanDuel Became Canadian Football League’s (CFL) First Partner in July 2023

FanDuel Group struck a significant partnership deal with the Canadian Football League (CFL) just recently in July 2023. This collaboration marks a significant development for both FanDuel and CFL, positioning FanDuel as the league’s first authorized gaming operator and official sportsbook partner. This strategic alliance is set to reshape the sports betting landscape for fans.

Under the terms of the agreement, FanDuel will extend its well-regarded sports betting offerings to the province of Ontario, leveraging its previously secured license ahead of the official launch of Ontario’s legal sports betting market in April 2022. This expansion means that individuals based in Ontario can now access a comprehensive selection of CFL-focused betting options via the FanDuel platform.

Sports enthusiasts and bettors alike can anticipate an assortment of engaging betting markets, ranging from dynamic in-game player props like anytime touchdown scorers to an array of futures bets. This partnership holds the promise of elevating the overall fan experience, introducing a new dimension of interaction to CFL games, and amplifying the thrill of on-field actions through immersive sports betting engagement.

Tyler Mazereeuw, the Chief Commercial Officer of the CFL, affirmed his belief that championing responsible sports wagering is but another way for the league to deepen its connection with its fanbase:

“Responsible sports wagering is another way for our league to further its connection with our fans. In addition to taking in our fun, fast and entertaining brand of football, some fans may wish to engage with the game on a more personal level. We’re excited to work with FanDuel to deliver an exciting and innovative betting experience. While opening this new avenue of fandom is important to our league, wagering should only be done responsibly by adult fans who are 19 years of age and over with the means to do so.”

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