The corner of a laptop with several stacks of poker chips placed on it, placed next to a hand of playing cards and a roulette table.

Responsible Gaming Month Kicks Off

The American Gaming Association (AGA) kicked off Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) 2023 with fresh insights from a YouGov consumer survey highlighting the robust awareness of responsible gaming (RG). The findings revealed that as legal gaming expands, responsible gaming engagement remains substantial, with 84% of past-year gamblers acknowledging at least one responsible gaming resource, including 91% of sports bettors.

The corner of a laptop with several stacks of poker chips placed on it, placed next to a hand of playing cards and a roulette table.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is celebrating the launch of Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) 2023 with new insights from a YouGov consumer survey, which shows the growing awareness of responsible gaming (RG).
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Survey Shows Very High Levels of Responsible Gaming Engagement

The American Gaming Association (AGA) kicked off Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) 2023 with a fresh set of insights from a YouGov-conducted consumer survey. The data, gathered from August 3 to 10, involved interviews with 2,018 Americans aged 21 and over. It revealed that responsible gaming (RG) awareness remains robust, with 84% of past-year gamblers being familiar with at least one responsible gaming resource. Notably, 91% of sports bettors fell into this category.

The survey also highlighted the confidence of past-year gamblers in the effectiveness of various responsible gaming tools and initiatives. Measures such as deposit limits (85%), time limits (78%), wager limits (77%), employee training (77%), and industry code of conduct (75%) were deemed effective ways to encourage responsible play. As legal sports betting expands across new and existing markets, the research underscores the role of advertising in driving responsible gaming awareness, with 53% of sports bettors reporting an increase in responsible gaming messaging over the past year.

Responsible Gaming Education Month 2023, marking the 25th annual celebration of responsible gaming, will focus on four weekly themes designed to engage the industry: ‘Empowering Customers to Play Responsibly’ (September 1-10); ‘Legal, Regulated Gaming Protects Players’ (September 11-17); ‘Building a Responsible Gaming Culture Within’ (September 18-24); and ‘Advancing Responsible Gaming with Research’ (September 25-30). These themes collectively emphasize the industry’s commitment to responsible gaming practices and education.

Gaming Industry’s Success is Predicated Upon Earning Customers’ Trust

Sharing a statement was Cait DeBaun, the Vice President of Strategic Communications and Responsibility at AGA, who highlighted the gaming industry’s reliance on establishing trust with customers, offering responsible gaming measures, and implementing tools to support responsible betting:

“Our industry’s success is based on earning customer trust, providing safeguards for responsible gaming, and implementing tools that our customers engage to bet responsibly. Today’s data shows our united effort to elevate responsible gaming is clearly resonating with players and shaping a safer gaming landscape.”– Cait DeBaun, Vice President of Strategic Communications and Responsibility, American Gaming Association (AGA),Press Release

Cait DeBaun, in concluding her statement, expressed anticipation for the gaming community to unite during this month, emphasizing the importance of advancing their collective efforts:

“This month provides a focused opportunity for the gaming community to come together to highlight and advance our efforts. We look forward to joining with our members, regulators, leagues, media, and all stakeholders to uphold our collective responsibility for responsibility.”

In addition to their regulatory obligations, AGA members have committed to adhering to two vital codes: the Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct and the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering. These codes play a pivotal role in fostering responsible gaming practices within the industry. As part of RGEM 2023, the AGA’s “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.” campaign will take center stage, uniting various stakeholders, including leagues, teams, and operators. Their collective aim is to educate consumers about responsible wagering and promote safe and enjoyable betting experiences.

Reported 85% of Americans Support End to Sports Betting Ban

In a significant revelation for the sports betting industry, recent research conducted by the American Gaming Association (AGA) in June 2023 unveiled that a resounding 85% of American adults express concurrence with the US Supreme Court’s pivotal decision to overturn the Federal sports betting ban legislation in 2018.

Five years ago, the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling effectively dismantled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), marking a turning point in the country’s approach to sports betting regulation. As the nation commemorates this anniversary, a substantial majority of Americans stand behind the justices’ decision, according to the AGA’s research findings.

This support for the Supreme Court’s action has notably surged since 2019 when only 63% of respondents favored it. The increased approval, now at 85%, underscores the growing acceptance of legalized sports betting across the United States. Moreover, a noteworthy 77% of surveyed individuals express a desire for the legalization of sports betting in their respective states, signaling a growing demand for expanded access to this form of entertainment and potential revenue generation.

Almost precisely five years since the momentous repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the American Gaming Association (AGA) remains unwavering in its commitment to advancing responsible gambling practices and curbing unlicensed operators. AGA President Bill Miller, reaffirming the association’s dedication, underscored that their proactive efforts will persist in the pursuit of a safer gambling environment:

“Five years post-PASPA, the AGA and our members continue to support responsibly expanding the legal market while cracking down on predatory illegal operators. The regulated industry and our partners across the entire ecosystem—policymakers, law enforcement, regulators, leagues, media, technology providers and more—have made significant strides in our collaborative consumer education efforts since 2018, and we will continue to find new ways to enhance consumer protections as the market matures.”– Bill Miller, President, American Gaming Association (AGA),Press Release

SportsGrid Hopped On Board AGA’s PSA Campaign in June 2023

In a move aimed at promoting responsible gaming, SportsGrid Network forged a partnership with the American Gaming Association (AGA) in June 2023. Under the newly inked agreement, SportsGrid Network will actively support AGA’s ‘Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.’ public service awareness campaign.

This collaboration will see SportsGrid Network integrate the campaign into its multimedia content platform, which encompasses live programming, its website, and mobile app. AGA’s ‘Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.’ initiative, launched in 2019, serves as a rallying point for various sports betting stakeholders. The campaign emphasizes four core principles of responsible wagering, including setting and adhering to a budget, ensuring betting remains a social activity, understanding the odds involved, and exclusively engaging with legal and licensed operators.

Through this partnership, SportsGrid Network aims to contribute to a safer and more responsible gambling environment, aligning with AGA’s mission to educate consumers and promote responsible play within the burgeoning sports betting landscape.

American Gaming Association (AGA) senior vice president Casey Clark emphasized the critical role media companies have in championing such a cause:

“Media companies are one of the most important players in effectively educating consumers on responsible wagering, and we’re grateful to SportsGrid for bringing Have A Game Plan to their broad audience of sports fans and bettors. As sports betting is increasingly discussed across media, it’s critical for stakeholders like SportsGrid to continue to lead the way on elevating responsible gaming.”

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