Bars of gold.

Spain’s La Bruja de Oro Announces New Administrator

One of Spain’s top lottery administrations, La Bruja de Oro, has announced its new administrator after the death of its founder. Xavier Gabriel Lliset founded the company in 1986 and over almost forty years, oversaw the lottery’s business dealings. However, for the last five years, Lliset’s son, Xavier Gabriel Galí has managed the business. He is now officially the company’s new administrator, taking over the reins and keeping La Bruja de Oro in the family.

Bars of gold.

Spain’s successful lotto administrator, La Bruja de Oro, has announced a new leader after the death of its founder.
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About La Bruja de Oro

La Bruja de Oro rose from its beginnings in the mid ‘80s to become one of the most successful gambling businesses in Spain and a staple of the country’s lottery industry. It was founded in the town of Sort, which conveniently has the meaning of “luck” in Catalan, which provided its tagline, “The luck of Luck.”

La Bruja de Oro — which translates to “the Golden Witch” — became Spain’s top lotto administration in 2011, after recording the highest lottery ticket sales. It became notable across the country and has maintained its reputation as one of Spain’s top three lottery and gaming administrators.

The company received notoriety after it distributed the jackpot prize for Spain’s popular Christmas raffle, El Niño, in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000. In 2003 and 2004 it was successful delivering the first prize of El Gordo, a famous lottery across the world and also a Christmas draw. The same happened in 2007.

It is estimated that the company now invoices 0.7% of Spain’s national lottery activity. This is more than four times the amount invoiced by the Madrid-based administration, Doña Manolita, for example. It operates with face-to-face sales as well as telephonic and online sales.

Its presence online has also made it one of the leading administrators in Spain, as it was ahead of the game in offering online betting options. The vast majority of its turnover is represented in its online transactions. La Bruja de Oro also diversified and operates not only in the gaming sector but also in the marketing of other products, like food and wines, and in the sponsorship of sports teams and racers.

The company invoices more than €100 million per year. It is also a leader in internet sales among Spain’s lottery administrations. It is also the top seller in all of the Catalonian lottery administrations. In general, the lottery is a major business in Spain, with the public lottery entity, SELAE, recently registering at the country’s most profitable public company.

Taking on his father’s legacy

After the death of his father at age 66, 40-year-old son Xavier Gabriel Jr. will officially take the lead in the company’s dealings. He spent the last five years working under his father’s guidance to learn about managing the company. He shared a letter addressed to his father when the news was announced in August, calling himself his father’s “only disciple.”

Until taking over the business, Xavier Gabriel Jr. had worked in aviation. Now, he promises that the company will continue to strive in its sector, with an emphasis on innovation. He shared that he is proud to be able to continue his father’s legacy, with everything he learned from him.

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