The Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal lit neon blue in the evening.

Top 10 Biggest Casinos in Canada

While size isn’t a perfect indication of what to expect from a casino’s gaming experience, Canada’s big casinos match their grandeur with classy experiences. Canada has casinos spread across hundreds of thousands of square feet, as well as some relatively smaller options that offer a gaming experience that’s just as unique.

The Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal lit neon blue in the evening.

Canada is home to at least four casinos which span greater than 100,000 square feet. ©Eva Blue/Unsplash

If you’re wondering about where and how to start your gambling journey in Canada, look no further than our list of all casinos in Canada. But first, let’s look into exactly what forms of gambling are legal in Canada and why visiting a casino may be the best option for most gamblers.

Size (sq ft)
Casino de Montreal
Montréal, QC
Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort
Niagara Falls, ON
Casino Rama
Orillia, ON
Caesars Windsor
Windsor, ON
Casino Niagara
Niagara Falls, ON
Grey Eagle Casino
Calgary, AB
Parq Vancouver
Edmonton, AB
River Rock Casino Resort
Vancouver, BC
River Cree Resort & Casino
Vancouver, BC
Casino New Brunswick
Moncton, NB

The Legality of Gambling in Canada: The Case for Physical Casinos

Until 1985, all forms of gambling were illegal in Canada. Unlike in other countries, there was no gradual legalization of gambling after this – provinces were instead given the authority to legalize and regulate all forms of gambling from the get go. This en masse approach to legalization can be credited for the today’s thriving gambling industry in Canada that makes around C$14 billion a year.

However, even today, casinos aren’t allowed to open online gambling sites in Canada. This is because online gambling in Canada falls into a gray area – it technically isn’t illegal, but casinos in Canada need a license from their respective provincial governments to open online gambling sites. It is unlikely that these licenses will ever be granted, which is why it is effectively illegal to run an online casino in Canada.

One hardly needs to make a case for gambling in physical casinos, but this aspect of the law makes one nonetheless. Not only is the gambling experience so much more immersive, exciting, and overall enjoyable in a physical casino, but it’s also the safest option in Canada.

The Biggest Casinos in Canada

Whether you’re a Canadian resident or one of the 25 million tourists who visit the country every year, there’s no better place to start your gambling journey than these colossal casinos that share a stage with some of the best on the planet.

1. Casino de Montreal – 526,000 sq. ft

We wouldn’t blame you for mistaking Casino de Montreal for a monument. It truly is an architectural marvel, housing one of the oldest casinos in Canada. Just because it’s the oldest casino in Canada, doesn’t mean it’s a slacker by any means. Casino de Montreal is also the biggest casino in Canada, offering one of the best gambling experiences in the world. Besides being the biggest casino in Canada, it’s also one of the largest you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

So what exactly does one find in the largest casino in Canada? Over one hundred thousand gaming tables, including over three thousand slot machines and other games like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. In addition to this, the casino offers an unparalleled gourmet dining and entertainment experience.

Casino de Montreal was renovated in 2013, staying true to the establishment’s history of always providing the best, most modern gambling experience for gamblers around the world. It’s no surprise that 18,000 visitors visit this monument to gambling everyday, experiencing the highest standards of gambling in its five floors.

Address: 1 Avenue du Casino, Montréal, QC H3C 4W7, Canada

Phone: +1 514-392-2746


2. Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort – 200,000 sq. ft

If you’re looking to have a gambling experience that feels like a holiday in more ways than one, the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is the place for you. The casino overlooks the Horseshoe Falls, offering a stunning view that would be impossible to forget – if not for the incredible scale and quality of the casino itself, which is arguably even more breathtaking than the idyllic view.

The sprawling casino is the second biggest in Canada, and offers thousands of tables including over 3,000 slot machines, and poker rooms dedicated to high rollers only. Along with its true-to-form gourmet dining and entertainment, the casino also offers exceptional accommodation across its 374 rooms. The resort also has a plethora of amenities such as a theater, spa, fitness center, dining options, and more – giving you the chance to take a break from the blackjack, roulette, or craps tables. Read our Fallsview Casino review to learn everything you need to know.

3. Casino Rama – 192,000 sq. ft

Casino Rama is the third biggest casino on this list, but certainly provides a larger-than-life gaming experience just like its bigger counterparts. The casino was started over two decades ago, and enjoys the patronage of a community that is loyal to the casino for its unwavering standards of hospitality, sporting integrity, and safety.

The casino has over 2,000 slot machines and a roster of 100 table games including fan favorites such as blackjack, poker, craps, and more. Besides its gaming facilities, Casino Rama offers accommodation whose standards are as high as the gaming experience itself. In addition to this, the casino also offers eight gourmet dining options for guests who have an appetite for more than just victory at the tables.

A major offering from Casino Rama is their casino loyalty program. The Casino Rama My Club loyalty program is one of the only offerings of its kind in Canada, with the program rewarding regular players with cashbacks, VIP treatment, free stays, and more. Check out our full Casino Rama review to learn more.

Address: 5899 Rama Rd, Orillia, ON L3V 6H6, Canada

Phone: +1 800-832-7529


4. Caesars Windsor – 100,000 sq. ft

There’s no bigger name in the world of gambling than Caesars, and Caesars Windsor is certainly another jewel in their crown. The highly-awarded casino was voted Casino of the Year for 18 consecutive years, which is hardly a lucky feat.

Speaking of luck, the casino has several hundred ways for you to really test yours. The sprawling casino has several floors dedicated to gaming, with an additional 700+ luxury gaming rooms for those who want to experience the higher echelons of gambling. The fourteen poker tables have multiple ways to experience the game, such as Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.

The Caesars experience has always been about not just gaming, but everything surrounding it – and Caesars Windsor is the epitome of excellence in that regard too. The casino has hundreds of opulent rooms housed in its world-class hotel. We also love the casino’s intuitive touch screen system that allows you to order from the extensive bar menu and have your favorite cocktails delivered right to your table, and the plethora of live sports screenings.

Address: 377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7, Canada

Phone: +1 800-991-7777


5. Casino Niagara – 95,000 sq. ft.

Not to be confused with the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Casino Niagara is an incredible casino located in Ontario. The casino offers a modest range of gambling options, and certainly isn’t small at a whopping 95,000 sq. ft. The same can be said for the jackpots at the 1,300 slot machines including over 350 progressive slots too – the jackpots on these machines are some of the biggest and greatest in the world.

With 26 poker tables and regularly organized Texas Holdem tournaments, Casino Niagara is the best place for fish, sharks, high rollers, and super high rollers to perfect their poker skills. We also love Casino Niagara for its unique promos that are as over-the-top as the casino’s jackpots. The Ladies’ Night here is second to none, with women having the opportunity to win casino credits, designer fragrances, spa treatments, diamond jewelry, and more. It’s no wonder that Casino Niagara is incredibly popular, even if it isn’t the biggest casino in Canada.

Address: 5705 Falls Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T3, Canada

Phone: +1 888-325-5788


6. Grey Eagle Casino – 84,000 sq. ft

Whether it’s at the action-packed table games, or at a concert in their large event center, it’s impossible not to feel like an absolute rockstar at Grey Eagle Casino. The casino offers nearly all the usual suspects when it comes to table games, opting to have a highly refined and enjoyable experience when it comes to classic games. This can also be clearly seen in the casino’s modern aesthetic that still manages to tip its hat to its more classical roots.

There’s absolutely no shortage of entertainment off the table either, which is why it’s no wonder why many describe it as a world of amenities. The event center plays host to a number of bands and other interesting events, while the resort has all the bells and whistles one would expect from a world-class hotel. If the casino continues to consistently deliver such an exceptional experience, we’d bet on the Grey Eagle soaring to even greater heights.

7. Parq Vancouver – 72,000 sq. ft

The Parq Vancouver prides itself on being – to quote the brand – where Vancouver plays. It isn’t hard to see why. The casino is located on the second floor of the JW Marriott hotel, and is the crowning jewel of the hotel’s world-class hospitality and dining experience.

The Parq Vancouver is the ultimate amalgamation of gambling, entertainment, and lifestyle. The casino features most of the classic table games and slot machines, with table minimums for blackjack starting at around C$15 – which is a slightly premium pricing compared to some other names on this list. However, not every place on this list includes so many world-class salons, bars, restaurants, patios, global entertainment, and – perhaps most importantly – the kind of hospitality one can only expect from the JW Marriott brand.

Address: 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3, Canada

Phone: +1 604-676-0888


8. River Rock Casino Resort – 70,000 sq. ft

River Rock Casino Resort is the largest casino in Western Canada, and the gambling experience here is appropriately king-size. The casino is home to over 1,200 slot machines and 114 gaming tables offering Baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, and more.

This casino also has everything a high roller could dream of in the high-limit VIP room. The poker room runs high-quality poker Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud games round the clock, providing many ways for you to test the felt.

The Encore Rewards loyalty program by River Rock Casino Resort is a notable offering. The program is available to all players, who can earn points by just playing games. One of the most interesting benefits of this program is entry to a Hot Seat draw that could set you up to win C$500 every thirty minutes.

Address: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-247-8900


9. River Cree Resort & Casino – 24,000 sq. ft

The River Cree Resort & Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Canada, and not without reason. Their 1,350 slot machines, over forty table games, and the option of sports betting at the Horses at Tap 25 sports bar make it a great place to experience several different forms of gambling. The sports bar is also a great place to generally unwind and experience your favorite live sports on the big screen with your mates.

One major aspect of River Cree Resort & Casino is Embers – their smoking friendly gaming area, which gives players the opportunity to truly unwind at the tables with their favorite cubans. Gambling, cigars, and single malts – what more could one even ask for? Embers features 405 slots, as well as fourteen poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette tables.

Just like two other casinos on this list, River Cree Resort and Casino rewards loyalty too. The casino is known for running several great promotions and issues loyalty cards, on which points are stored and can later be redeemed for chips and other exciting rewards.

Address: 300 E Lapotac Blvd, Edmonton, AB T7X 3Y3, Canada

Phone: +1 780-484-2121


10. Casino New Brunswick – 24,000 sq. ft

Casino New Brunswick – unlike almost every place on this list – offers a gambling experience that’s unfussy and simple, even though the property calls itself a luxury resort. It’s not as glamorous as the other casinos on this list, but what Casino New Brunswick does best is offer an experience where the games themselves really shine. The casino offers a modest number of slot machines and table games with both experienced dealers and regulars who raise the quality of the games.

The casino offers accommodation that isn’t as luxurious as the others on this list, but the rooms are clean, cozy, and comfortable – and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. One of the most impressive offerings at the casino is its state-of-the-art entertainment center that hosts massive crowds for sporting events and live concerts. It holds its own as a venue for the best of the best in entertainment, music, performing arts, and sports. It’s the perfect place for purists who want an unfussy gambling experience without over-the-top frills.

Address: 21 Casino Dr, Moncton, NB E1G 0R7, Canada

Phone: +1 877-859-7775


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